Settling In

To ensure a smooth transition for new children and their parents, we offer non-chargeable ‘settling-in’ sessions at The Treehouse Nursery. These sessions provide an opportunity to meet our staff and become familiar with the nursery environment. You are welcome to choose a couple of sessions during the first few weeks of the term or just before your child is due to start. During the first session, we encourage you or a trusted person for your child to stay for about an hour. If you feel comfortable, you can leave your child for an hour or two during the second session.

Starting at The Treehouse Nursery

We strive to help new children settle in quickly, and bringing in something familiar can make the process easier. We encourage children to bring an item for our ‘show and tell’ box at each session, fostering a sense of identity and helping them connect with their new friends. Objects should not be tiny, precious, expensive, or fragile.


Wearing a uniform not only gives children a sense of belonging but also protects their lovely clothes. Upon starting with us, your child will receive a FREE t-shirt.

Daily Routine

At the beginning of each session, children put up their name card on the ‘who is here today’ board, promoting letter recognition, independence, and an understanding of roles and responsibilities. They then place their belongings on their individual peg, put on their slippers, and begin their day.

Early on, children become familiar with routine tasks, such as putting on coats, tying laces, and tidying toys, promoting independence, and fostering valuable skills like communication and problem-solving. Parents are welcomed at the end of each session to learn about the day’s activities. Those desiring more information can arrive earlier for a comprehensive handover and sign their child out following our clear safeguarding policy. All policies are available for parents to read at the nursery.