Welcome to The Treehouse Nursery, where we take immense pride in cultivating an exceptional learning and developmental haven for your little ones. Recognizing the profound impact of the early years, we are dedicated to instilling a love for learning that will serve as a cornerstone for their lifelong journey.

At our nursery, we believe that learning should be both enjoyable and purposeful, while shaping their future aspirations. Our primary goal is to foster the full potential of every child, nurturing confidence, and independence within a delightful and caring atmosphere.

Our mission is to inspire each child to unlock their complete potential, fostering confidence and independence within a joyful and nurturing setting.

Our nurturing environment

At the core of our values is the dedicated nurturing of the children entrusted to our care. Our focus extends beyond mere school readiness; we are committed to instilling life skills and fostering confidence in your child. This approach empowers them to explore and develop their unique personalities and learning styles.

We follow a child-centered approach, allowing children to explore and learn at their own pace. They are continually presented with new challenges to ignite their curiosity and encourage them to take the next steps. The core principles of freedom, independence, and self-discipline are woven into the fabric of our nursery education and are actively promoted throughout the classroom.

Children have the freedom to choose the activities they want to participate in, creating an enjoyable experience where learning seamlessly intertwines with play. This ability to make choices fosters independence and strengthens each child’s sense of identity and individual learning preferences.

We consistently offer adult support to provide guidance whenever needed, motivating each child to take their current activities to the next level. Our setting prioritizes both work and play, emphasizing the significance of social interaction. Children are actively encouraged to assist and respect one another, as well as their environment.

The outcome is a preschool where children form strong bonds, actively contributing to a joyful and nurturing environment. Here, they are continuously engaged in learning and development through a diverse array of activities and play.

Our learning space is designed to be stimulating and welcoming, with teachers consistently observing and offering support as necessary. Additional materials are thoughtfully incorporated to cater to the unique needs of each child.

The nursery garden is equipped with a diverse range of resources, which are adapted daily to ensure that every child has engaging and thoughtful learning and development opportunities in a fun-filled environment. Our ultimate goal is to make the learning experience so enjoyable that children don’t even realize they are in preschool.

Forest School

For our older children, we provide the option of Forest School as an additional service with an extra charge. The aim of Forest School is to cultivate collaboration, cooperation, team building, and an appreciation for the natural environment. During these sessions, children explore and have fun in a secure outdoor setting, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the natural world. Forest School offers a unique educational experience, utilizing nature as a classroom to help children establish a strong connection with the natural environment through hands-on learning.

Daily Routine

At the beginning of each session, children put up their name card on the ‘who is here today’ board, promoting letter recognition, independence, and an understanding of roles and responsibilities. They then place their belongings on their individual peg, put on their slippers, and begin their day.

Early on, children become familiar with routine tasks, such as putting on coats, tying laces, and tidying toys, promoting independence, and fostering valuable skills like communication and problem-solving. Parents are welcomed at the end of each session to learn about the day’s activities. Those desiring more information can arrive earlier for a comprehensive handover and sign their child out following our clear safeguarding policy. All policies are available for parents to read at the nursery.

Beach School (seasonal)

Our Beach School offers children a chance to develop independence, teamwork skills, and an understanding of the beach and sea in the great outdoors. Research suggests that spending time at the beach improves happiness, general well-being, and even brain function, with the sea’s blue colour linked to increased creativity. These sessions are scheduled based on tidal forecasts and weather conditions at our local beaches, Climping or Goring by Sea, and are available as an extra addition to your child’s day.

Phonics/Rising 5’s

Twice a week, we provide a special session for our rising 5’s, catering to those transitioning to school. This session fosters independence, including the skill of changing for PE. We offer additional English and Maths activities with a focus on pencil control, early writing, and reading.

Diddi Dance

Every week, Laura from Diddi Dance conducts a lively class with our children. Specifically designed to complement and enrich the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, the class incorporates all learning areas. Children engage in enjoyable activities such as action songs, dancing, exercises, hoops, ribbons, counting in different languages, and more.